Impressive Regent Product Launch Event. PLUS Inside Look at the SRT-22F from Snowy River: Your Affordable Ticket to Off-Grid Living

Tristan & I recently had the pleasure of attending a special event at the 2023 Brisbane Caravan Show.

The Event was hosted by the team at Green RV, with a presentation by Andrew Crank, the head honcho at Regent Caravans. Green RV is Queensland’s largest dealer for Regent. Regent is the company responsible for manufacturing Regent Caravans, Snowy River Caravans & Newgen Caravans.

Ok travellers, let’s dive in! The presentation had three main parts. First up, the reveal of the spiffy 2023 models. Second, they introduced a brand new line-up, the SRT multi-terrain models. And lastly, they spoke about the improved service, warranty initiatives, and how they’re really listening to what the customers have to say. Oh, and there’s also some good news on the pricing side, especially if you’re down under.

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They kicked things off by talking about the upgraded 2023 models. And folks, they’ve done a number on these bad boys!

They’ve made some significant upgrades & improvements to the exterior with features like a sleeker nose, more powerful solar panels, aluminium framed windows, doors, and picnic table, upgraded rims, and even threw in a wireless rear camera for good measure.

They’ve made changes on the inside as well, like wireless phone chargers, mood lighting, a bigger fridge, and even some neat colour options for the benchtops. I must say, these guys really paid attention to their customers.

Then they shifted gears to the SRT range. These all-terrain models have been in the works for two years, designed right here in Australia. These rugged beauties come with a slew of handy features that are practical and purpose-built. Think reinforced steel plates, an external toolbox, more solar panels, tough mud terrain tyres, a heavy-duty rear bumper, plenty of water storage, and even a 3.5T LT independent coil suspension. The interiors also got a makeover, with plush leather sofas, a swanky black option for kitchen and bathroom fittings, and bed head padding for a comfy night’s sleep.

Regent is taking customer feedback very seriously. They’ve got a dedicated after-sales team, now seven people strong, and growing, who are all about improving response times and getting spare parts to customers faster. They’ve also managed to design out repetitive warranty issues, which means less hassle for you and me. Plus, they’re always listening to what their owners have to say, tweaking their models based on real feedback.

But that’s not all, folks. They’ve also figured out a way to give everyone the same pricing no matter where they are in Australia. It’s called a tow-away pricing strategy, and it means you’re getting the same deal whether you’re in Townsville, Perth, Melbourne, or Launceston. Talk about a level playing field!

With the exciting 2023 models and the new SRT range, Regent Caravans is really stepping up their game. Whether you’re a caravan enthusiast or a newbie looking to start your journey, you simply cannot ignore what regent are doing.

We were super pumped to be invited to the presentation, but we don’t want to take regents’ word for how good they are, we wanted to do our own inspection & fortunately, we were able to get a closer look at the star of the show: the SRT-22F Family Off-Road Caravan. For just $89,990, you’re looking at an impressive blend of value, comfort, and capability that’s geared up for off-grid camping and epic family adventures across Australia.

Step inside this stunner, and you’re immediately welcomed by a spacious interior designed for maximum relaxation. There’s a cosy café style dinette that is perfect for kicking back watching the footy or equally adept & practical for hosting the entire family seated for dinner. The galley-style fully-equipped kitchen for all your gourmet needs is easy to access and has plenty of storage. The atmospheric LED strip lighting gives a warm glow to the cupboards, and there’s even a 24″ smart TV mounted to keep you entertained after a long day of exploring.

The beauty of the SRT-22F is how it manages to make the rugged outdoors feel just like home. You’ve got a comfy queen-size bed, triple bunks for the kiddos, and even a spacious ensuite for that extra touch of luxury. There’s also a handy top-load washing machine, so you can keep everyone’s clothes clean even in the middle of nowhere. And let’s not forget the massive windows that let you take in the beautiful Australian scenery.

Safety and stability are key when you’re tackling rough terrain, and the SRT-22F delivers in spades. With a robust 6″ gooseneck chassis and 3.5T independent coil suspension, you’ll have full control even on the rockiest roads. Add in features like the D035 hitch, recovery points, and 12′ electric brakes, and you’ve got a rig that’s ready for anything.

When it comes to power, the SRT-22F has you covered with two 100-ah lithium batteries. You don’t have to worry about dust either, thanks to the Dometic dust reduction system. They’ve also used ALOPEX-insulated sandwich panels to construct the shell which means excellent insulation no matter if it’s hot or cold outside. There are 2 x 95L freshwater tanks and a 100L greywater tank. Basically, they’ve thought of everything to keep you comfortable no matter where you are.

But wait, there’s more! The SRT-22F comes with a handy toolbox, two Jerry Can Holders, two 9kg gas bottles on a slide, and even a BBQ slide with top storage. There’s also an external shower, an entertainment unit, front and rear floodlights, and a reverse camera. They’ve even thrown in some pretty heavy-duty stone protection features to keep your caravan safe.

With the SRT-22F, you’re not just camping, you’re embracing a whole new way of life. Forget about being tied down to traditional caravan parks and campsites. This is your chance to break free and discover the hidden corners of Australia in style, safety, and comfort. Trust me, folks, the SRT-22F is your golden ticket to your next family adventure. Hit the road, make some memories, and see for yourself why this caravan is such a game-changer.


Notable Replies

  1. Wow! looks like a really interesting event & the products look very intriguing, especially for the price, it seems very reasonable.

    Now how can I get a job going around & reviewing caravans? do you guys actually get paid?

  2. The fact that they are listening to the customer & trying to reduce warranty claims by fixing faults at the root of the cause is admirable. Big thumbs up for including lithium batteries, AGM batteries just don’t compete anymore.

  3. it’s actually impressive that their ceo took the trouble and made the effort to track down for the presentation

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