AURA CARAVANS are designed and crafted for true Aussie Adventurer’s. When it comes to AURA caravans, the inside of each range and model is just as impressive on the inside as it is on the outside. The priority is to create comfort, convenience, safety and affordability in every single caravan so no matter where you go, when you in an AURA caravan you’ll feel at home. When you buy an AURA caravan, you don’t just buy a caravan, you’re buying peace of mind. Not every caravan can be one size fits all, different people need different caravans for different adventures. Rather than making one universal caravan, AURA has a range of specialized caravans to that gives the right features to the right person for the right trip across the Earth, Allion and Titanium series.


The Aura Allion Series gets you out of the house and on the road to see our magnificent country. It comes with all the amenities you want in life. This is specially built for first hand buyers and this series is very economical with a fully equipped interior. This also comes with one full year warranty. This model is affordable with all the features and luxuries you would expect in a much more expensive model.


Boasting a unique external feel, the Aura Earth series is extremely appealing. When building this model only premium products are used, such as the redarc battery system. Compared to the rest of the models that Aura builds this model is given the most attention to detail. The whole framework of this model is built differently. The Earth series is a fully off-road model making it easier to reach those harder to get to the destination with serenity. You will be able to reach remote places with the off-road earth series model.


The T series has been designed from the chassis to the roof to offer what we believe to be the best value caravans in today’s competitive market. This model has an ultra-modern interior design along with plenty of storage space. When you head out you will find everything you need in this series just as if you are home, also not to forget it gives you the convenience and comfort of home.

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