The Biggest Upset To The Caravan Industry

We’re Caravan Sales Online, and we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our business. It may come across as stepping on the toes of caravan dealerships across Australia, but really we’re here to create the most value-driven community in the market and take all stakeholders along with us for the journey.

We’re a team of caravan experts that are dedicated to providing knowledge, skills, resources, and affordability to every current, potential, and future caravan owner. So that every owner may be informed, aware, and confident with their buying decisions.

For what has felt like a millennium, the team behind Caravan Sales Online has been working tirelessly to bring a vision to reality, now that it’s finally here we couldn’t be more ecstatic!

Our Passion for Caravanning:

The whole concept behind Caravan Sales Online was birthed from a deep-burning passion for camping, traveling, and exploring. We saw a need for a quick, easy, and value-driven way of building connections and finding the perfect caravan with minimal effort, and we knew we had the skills. So, here we are.

What Sets Us Apart:

We believe that caravan owners should be connected with a team and community that is committed to success, so we built our entire business around that core principle. We’re confident in our abilities to provide every individual with the know-how, how-to’s, community, and a wide range of new and used caravans for sale across Australia. We’re also certain that the quality of our service is so customer-satisfaction driven that it sets us apart from any other dealership.

Our Team:

Our team is made of dedicated caravan enthusiasts, we are caravan experts too but we like to remind ourselves and the community that we’re passionate first. We go as far as to call our team and staff members ‘Customer Success Agents’, because our performance and success are measured by making our community happy.

Within our company ecosystem, we’re a diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds but are all joined together in unison by a love for camping, traveling, and importantly making people happy.

What to Expect From Us:

Our goal is to make you happy. So you can expect us to go the extra mile and hold your hand every step of the way throughout your caravanning journey.


To sum it all up, we’re here, we’ve launched and we’re ready for action. Let’s make the most of this journey together, but till that journey starts, our final comment is:

We are Caravan Sales Online, and we’re committed to Caravanning.

P.S. want to find out how you can get in contact with us? Do it on our community forum

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