If you’re new to the caravan industry or a first-time caravan buyer, then making the right choice in your purchase is crucial.

No one wants to run into unwanted issues with such an expensive product, everyone wants their trip to go smoothly and according to plan. This article covers some of the must-have features of a caravan, if the van doesn’t tick all of these items, then think twice before you buy it.

1. Safety

Do your research on the caravans you’re looking at buying and make sure they meet full certifications and are compliant with Australian safety and quality standards. Be mindful of your needs before you buy a caravan. If you are inexperienced with towing a caravan, know that it takes a while to get used to so you may want to look into a single axle as they are easier to maneuver.

However, if you are wanting a larger van, traveling with more people, or want a larger living space out of your caravan then you may want a dual axle to tow a heavier load.

2. Towing

Before you buy your next van, make sure that your vehicle is able to tow the weight of the caravan. Check the maximum towing weight of your car and factor in the additional weight of your caravan that’ll store all of your goodies and gadgets.

3. Space & Comfort

The last thing anyone wants to experience when traveling is to feel trapped and uncomfortable. Consider that during your trips you may come across wet weather and have to spend some additional time in your caravan. At times like these, you’d want enough living space for you and the people you are traveling with. If you have a family, then you’d most likely want to look into a bunk-layout model.

4. Warranty

Like any product, there’s a lifespan, and wear and tear are to be expected. Whether buying a new or a used caravan at some point in time you can encounter a minor issue, hopefully not a major fault. Regardless, having a caravan that’s under warranty can make a huge difference when it comes to avoiding paying out of pocket.

5. Comfortable Bedding

What makes caravanning different from just regular camping is the comfort and convenience aspect. When you go on a trip with your caravan, setup, pack-up, and daily usage of the caravan during your adventure should be convenient and easy. But more importantly, when having a day’s worth of fun and activities you’d want to be able to have a good night’s sleep as opposed to a restless night before a big drive or another day of fun. Don’t underestimate the importance of comfort.

Final Comments

Other than the points mentioned in this article, anything and everything else pretty much comes down to extra added value. But what other things can you think of that are absolute must-have’s in a caravan? Share them with fellow caravanners in the community forum.

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