3 Cheats to Reduce Caravan Wait Times

The pandemic exploded the entire caravan and camping industry. People across Australia took the time to reconnect with nature while still being able to travel. Since then, the industry has experienced an unprecedented boom.

Stock and availability of caravans are backlogged. Many dealerships, retailers, and caravan buyers are purchasing a new caravan before it has even been built. Then have to wait close to a year before being able to claim their core source of adventure.

This article touches on the three different ways you can try and reduce the wait time to get a caravan sooner.

1. Caravan Camping Shows

At every caravan show across the country, there are caravan’s up on display. If you visit the show, you can have a chat with the exhibitors and figure out whether or not they’d be willing to sell one of their caravans that they put up on display, or if they have any that’s been sitting in a yard waiting for a buyer.

You can even ask them if they have any advice on how to get a caravan sooner, seeing as they’d have connections with manufacturers and other key players in the industry.

2. Off The Floor Vans

Instead of ordering a new caravan and adding on modifications then having to wait almost a year, you can just purchase one stocked in a yard. If you visit a caravan dealership, you can see if they have any display models that are available for purchase in the yard.

3. Take over An Incompleted Sale

When ordering a new caravan, most dealerships accept a deposit and then the caravan will physically be built. During this time, the person that paid the deposit and placed the order for the caravan can jump ship and no longer go through with the sale, even though the caravan is being built for them.

In instances like this, you can get lucky. When visiting a caravan yard you can ask the salesperson if there are any new caravans that are being built where the owner is no longer going through with the sale, then ask if you can take it over. For all you know, the caravan might already be in its last stage of being built, and you’d only have to wait a short period of time.

Final Thoughts

Those are the different ways to try and reduce wait times on a new caravan in Australia. It may not always work in your favor, you may not even want to try it in the first place.

If you don’t mind waiting on your new caravan then you can sit back, relax and know that good things come to those that wait.

If you are slightly less patient and eager to get out on the road, then who knows, you may get lucky with one of these cheats.

What tips or ideas do you have that can help others get a caravan sooner? Share them in the community forum

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